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There are many reasons to celebrate your natural and developed resources and tools. Communities of color fuel creativity, workforce, and economic power for the United States’ national infrastructure.

But, how can we begin to solve what we cannot articulate accurately? Articulating the strengths and value of your community is paramount to preserving and protecting community.

FordMomentum! uses a specially designed process to identify and articulate what people want, and then guide them to go for what they can do. Our methodology is a radical but gentle way to influence persons to shift from despair to decisions, thoughts to action, and assumptions to hard data.

There are many unknowns about what the World Economic Forum calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) relative to the rate of change we’re undergoing. Believing in the capacity of a person’s ability to construct their own sustainable and competitive future is the only acceptable standard of care any education or empowerment organization can responsibly employ.

The time is right for communities of color to say what they mean, and mean what they say. Leaders must help them do this with integrity.


The U.S. economic system was established and strengthened on the legal framework of free and/or low wage labor. Indigenous populations, African slaves, and indentured servants were used to increase productivity at low costs so that profits could fuel a competitive economy.

In the 240+ years of U.S. history, the descendants of those that fueled the success of the nation have never been asked what they value, or how they want to use it.

Query is one of your greatest tools and the time is right to simply ask.

  • What do communities of color value?

  • Does your community value what it was forced to build?

  • If there’s an opportunity to make changes, what would they be?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) delivers a great opportunity for communities of color to control their cultural capital and currency. What are you doing to ensure the future of work positively enhances your community’s cultural currency?


Every community aims to participate in fundamental economic principles including:

  • Identifying natural resources (physical and emotional)

  • Cultivating and harvesting products and services

  • Protecting, selling, and/or trading to compete and sustain a livable quality of life for community members.

When communities understand, articulate, protect, and invest in their capital they have better control over the value. When the capital is distinctly attributed to a culture, the currency exchanged may look different than currencies used in traditional spaces.

FordMomentum!’s methodology supports the valuation of your community’s cultural currency. The time is right to reevaluate your community’s worth and it’s competitive position in the national economic landscape.


Communities of color are well practiced at being told what, whom, and how to value a sustainable living in the United States. African American communities are well practiced at deconstructing narratives that continuously seek to oppress, suppress, and inhibit progress.

The inherent positive attributes and values of communities of color have become something practiced in a sub-cultural bubble. The bursts pop with creativity, innovation, and inclusion that often create new industries and opportunities for all; but few community members receive benefit. How can communities of color practice these nuances together above the surface?

The Standard of LOVE structures how we articulate and inform these complexities of by using five core pillars called the Standard of Love (STOLO). They are literacy, values, self-esteem, economic power, and justice. STOLO helps folks observe and practice their complexity together.

We’re well practiced at articulating and developing other people’s messages, values, and desires. The time is right to leverage your time, space, and knowledge to align one authentic to your cultural strengths.